The Dodge Durango is by far an exceptional SUV. This vehicle will come in a full size, and it's equipped with a ton of amenities. Storage compartments, leather upholstery and technological advancements are all available. Its V8 engine will pump out more than 700 horsepower, and all-wheel drive is on the menu. In other words, the Durango is a beast on four wheels. Consumers can also choose from many trim levels.

When it come to the exterior, this SUV has few weaknesses if any. The SUV's well-sculpted body looks like a work of art. All of the contours are well placed, which perfectly coordinates with all of the flat surfaces. Its dual exhaust protrudes at the rear while sitting below astounding taillights. The blacked-out grille sits between a set of beaming LEDs at the front. Buyers have multiple options when it comes to exterior colors.


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