Jeep Compass is synonymous with capability. Combined with rugged, sporty looks and classic Jeep charm, it's no wonder Compass is a top-selling compact SUV. Capability is what allows you to haul, tow, venture out and dominate off-road scenarios like a champ. Jeep Compass' capability features rise to the occasion every time. Here are two such features that our Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Missoula team selected for your info.

Windshield Wipers That Never Ice

Iced-over windshield wipers are a pain, especially when you're caught in an ice storm or snowy weather and need your windshield wipers more than ever. Compass' windshield boasts a special heating mechanism that prevents the buildup of ice and slush, keeping windshield wipers warm, ice-free, flexible and ready to deploy at any time.

Axle Flexibility

?Axle flexibility is key in rugged terrain. It allows the axle to move with great freedom in relation to the chassis. This keeps Compass's wheels on the ground at all times, even when you're traipsing over horrid, rocky roads. Wheels on the ground amount to greater stability, maneuverability and traction. Contact our Missoula dealership today for a Jeep Compass test drive.


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