Discover the Dodge Journey Performance Features

The Dodge Journey has multiple suspension components that reduce shock when its tires roll over pot holes, stumps, and other road hazards. If you buy a Dodge Journey, you can take advantage of its independent suspension, touring suspension, or high-performance suspension hardware.

The independent suspension system is built with MacPherson struts; they're mounted on the front of the automobile. This system has a multi-link layout that functions efficiently on rough roads so that passengers can experience a smooth ride. Dodge's touring suspension is an upgraded option for people who need a firmer ride. This suspension system absorbs shock well during racing situations or fast-paced driving routines. The high-performance suspension hardware is built for strategic driving situations as it can provide great stability around curves.

Lithia Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Missoula is a well-known automotive dealership that sells Dodge vehicles. You'll find many Dodge Journey automobiles on the lot, and each SUV will have one of these great suspension systems.



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