How Many Kinds of Transfer Cases are There?

Four wheel drive vehicles can be of great use in a variety of situations. While some 4X4 vehicles are permanently set to that gear configuration, some models allow for the use of either two or four wheels. These vehicles are often called part-time four-wheel drive trucks because of this flexible gearing setup. Transmission manufacturers design their own transfer cases, but most models fit into certain molds. These include chain powered, gear powered, independent, and married designs.

Chain powered transfer cases use strong metal links to transfer power between engine and axles. Gear powered models use toothed wheels to transfer torque from the motor to the wheels. Independent transfer cases aren't attached directly to the transmission casing, while married cases are.

As you can see, great variation exists among 4X4 transmission designs. The good news is, our experienced transmission technicians have experience with multiple types of transfer cases and stand ready to give yours the detailed attention and care that it needs. To have your case put back into shape, come by our Missoula service facility today.

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